wpid spl426261001 300x223 - And the scene opens on Petra and Tamara Ecclestone and their two Birkins…Scene: A schmancy boutique. Petra Ecclestone (yellow Hermes Birkin) and Tamara Ecclestone (dark grey Hermes Birkin) sit on the couch, pondering all the many varied and different ways they can choose to pay for their new purchases

Tamara: What are you looking for?

Petra: I seem to have forgotten to get a fresh stash of $500 bills out of the safe. What is this plastic thing for?

Tamara: I once heard someone say you could buy things with it, but I don’t understand how. It’s not money.

Petra: That’s what I was thinking. It’s not money, and it’s not made of metal, so it can’t be gold or silver. There appear to be no diamonds on it. HOW DOES IT WORK?

Tamara: Didn’t dad say that the people with the name tags would know what to do with it? You know, the ones who fetch us stuff?

Petra: Bollocks, you’re right. We’ll ask them.

Tamara: Didn’t dad also say that it’s linked to mom’s bank account?

Petra: Well that makes more sense.

End scene.

Pictures of the Ecclestone sisters are way more interesting when you imagine that their Birkins always hold giant wads of cash, I think.

Bag Petra and Tamara’s Hermes Style via Hermes!

wpid spl425665022 200x300 - Sophia Bush totes a patterned Proenza SchoulerI’m not overly familiar with Sophia Bush because I was never a regular One Tree Hill watcher, but Megs was (and still is) obsessed with the show and with Ms. Bush in particular. Megs even got to meet her at Fashion Week last year, and based on her report on the experience, it seems as though Sophia is indeed good people. She’s also carrying quite a good bag in these photos, don’t you think?

I’m a wee bit obsessed with the textile-inlaid (there’s a full leather bag underneath the print) Proenza Schouler PS1s that the brand puts out every season to coordinate with the materials used in its runway show, and although I don’t dig the Hawaiian-print versions from Spring 2012 as much as I love my digital aztec-print version from Fall 2011, it’s still a total game-changer for an outfit. I love that Sophia chose to mix hers with a bold printed dress; during warm weather, lots of colors and prints can totally work, and it’s a much more interesting choice than a solid-colored bag.

Bag Sophia’s Proenza Schouler Style via Proenza Schouler!

D:\abc\data\chanelbagsreplcia\bagthatstyle\24449 10000632 - Sophia Bush totes a patterned Proenza Schouler

wpid spl424352005 199x300 - Emmy Rossum is on set with DiorIt’s August, which means we’re in the doldrums of both fashion news and celebrity news, leading to things like yesterday’s screenwriting adventure with the Ecclestone sisters, who are out shopping and getting their nails done no matter the season. Slowly, though, things are getting a bit closer to normal – first Gossip Girl started shooting, and now Shameless star Emmy Rossum is back on the lot. We’ll have relief from the summer gossip slump soon!

Photographers recently caught Rossum strolling between trailers in a floral maxi, toting with her a subdued beige version of the Dior Lady Dior Tote. Most Lady Diors are quilted, but this version in flat leather makes the bag seem a bit more current and a bit less ladies-who-lunch. It’s a bit structured for a maxi, but still, I’ll take it. At least it’s not a reality star or heiress mugging for the cameras.

Bag Emmy’s Dior Style via Dior!

wpid spl423439001 200x300 - Kim Kardashian pairs her first crocodile Birkin with pink NikesI’ve been waiting forever for our photo service to catch Kim Kardashian out and about with her new Hermes Crocodile Birkin, and the day has finally come! The agency we use hasn’t been sweating Kim as much as they usually do, so it took us a little longer to get these photos than we would have preferred, but here it is – black, reptilian, outrageously expensive. And…paired with hot pink Nike running shoes?

Yes, Kim has a think for taking her most expensive and lavish bags along with her as gym bags (we’ve seen her do it with Birkins before), but thankfully, she wasn’t headed to work out with a bag that rings up well into the five figures. Instead, our photo service claims that she was heading to a hair-removal salon, which sounds just about right. I’m still confused about one thing, though – how in the world didn’t Kim have a crocodile Birkin before this one? Lord knows she has the cash.

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D:\abc\data\chanelbagsreplcia\bagthatstyle\24449 10000632 - Kim Kardashian pairs her first crocodile Birkin with pink Nikes

wpid spl424172007 211x300 - Christy Turlington travels with old school ChloeI love it when someone who can clearly afford all the bags she wants breaks out a favorite from years past. Not only does it show an appreciation for what they have, but it indicates a well-developed sense of style; a bag doesn’t stop being beautiful just because something newer and shinier caught your eye. In fact, the right kind of bag in the right kind of leather can stand the test of time better than most fashion things. Here to prove my point is classic supermodel Christy Turlington and her beautiful whiskey tan Chloe Edith Satchel.

This bag came out back when I was in college (which was, err, a few years ago) and was supposed to be Chloe’s answer to the Paddington furor. It did inspire wait-lists and much lusting, but as with any trend, it never quite matched the cultural saturation that its predecesor achieved. I wanted one in a major way and never got to have one, though, and just two days ago I saw a girl carrying the black version on the subway in New York. I was nostalgic then, and I’m still feeling that way now.

Bag Christy’s Chloe Style via Net-a-Porter!

D:\abc\data\chanelbagsreplcia\bagthatstyle\24449 10000632 - Christy Turlington travels with old school Chloe

wpid spl423169003 187x300 - You guys, the Ecclestones and their Hermes bags are at it againAnother day, another opportunity for Petra Ecclestone (the blonde one, if you’re new) and Tamara Ecclestone (the brunette, natch) to carry their Birkins. If I went a week without seeing photos like these, I’d probably become concerned about the sisters’ safety. What if someone were to kidnap them, or even worse, kidnap their bags? Surely, though, they have some sort of security detail, so we can enjoy their Birkins in peace (and so can they).

What’s become interesting to me in the time that I’ve been aware of the Ecclestones and their handbags is how little work or consideration they seem to put into the rest of their outfits on an almost daily basis. It seems as though they often have nothing to do but get dressed and galavant around, and they do it while carrying asininely expensive Hermes Birkins (Petra’s is a rare crocodile So Black Birkin), so what’s with the rubber flip flops and cotton tanks? They look like the girls on my hall in my freshman dorm, except they definitely have enough money to, you know, pick up a nice patterned maxi and some real sandals? Can’t they even muster that? Although when you’re as rich as they are, I guess you can afford not to care.

Bag Petra and Tamara’s Hermes Style via Hermes!

D:\abc\data\chanelbagsreplcia\bagthatstyle\24449 10000632 - You guys, the Ecclestones and their Hermes bags are at it again

wpid spl423091004 212x300 - A very pregnant Reese Witherspoon is Fendi’s latest fanBecause Reese Witherspoon tends to act more like a regular career-minded mom and less like a crazy Hollywood actress when she’s out in public, it can be easy to lose track of her in the deluge of Internet gossip. I suspect that’s exactly how she likes it, but it so that I lose track of when she’s, say, pregnant. Like now, for instance. I totally forgot that Reese Witherspoon was pregnant, but it’s pretty hard to stay ignorant based on these photos.

Reese looks as composed and well-dressed as ever, of course, in a navy silk maternity dress and a tan Fendi 2Jours Tote. The 2Jours is one of the biggest bags of this season, and despite not being a fan of brown in general, I love how navy and tan look together. It’s just so…equestrian. I can’t tell from this angle if Reese chose to have an “RW” embossed on the bag’s signature hang-tag, but in my mind, she totally went for it.

Bag Reese’s Fendi Style via Neiman Marcus!

KLS Sanya Richards Ross Chanel Earring Olympics 080612 600x686 - Chanel at the Olympics

As Sanya Richards-Ross made her approach to the starting line of the Women’s 400m final at the London Olympics yesterday, fashionistas worldwide got a special thrill. The stylish athlete sported gold Chanel logo earring studs and ran off with a gold medal! Loved her spunk and confidence – not too mention her super chic french braid! Athletes are normally confined to wearing a uniform or sport gear, but I love it when they find a way to express their individuality.

wpid spl423767015 163x300 - Dakota Fanning might have become a full-fledged hipsterI can never tell – are hipsters a regional thing? We had them in certain parts of Atlanta, and there are definitely as many of them as you could ever want in New York, and even my little college town had a fair number because it had a big music scene. But out there, away from the vegan restaurants and the American Apparel franchises, are hipsters a thing that you see, or just that you hear about in vague terms? I can’t tell. If you’ve never examined a hipster up close and personal, though, take a look at Dakota Fanning and you’ll see all you need to see.

Dakota is young, rich and interested in fashion, so she could have gone one of two ways – the tragic Lindsay Lohan route or the quasi-Olsen Twin route, and so far, it looks like she’s trying to take the Olsen path towards success. The tough thing about that path, though, is that it has so many potential fashion disasters along the way for people who aren’t as stylistically intuitive. I like Dakota’s white Celine Luggage Tote, of course, and her Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Keepall isn’t bad, but…everything else going on with that outfit has to go. All of it.

Bag Dakota’s Celine Style via Kirna Zabete!

D:\abc\data\chanelbagsreplcia\bagthatstyle\24449 10000632 - Dakota Fanning might have become a full-fledged hipster